MAM Forex Brokers

Multi Account Manager

Multi Account Manager is splendid software specially intended for fund managers and clients. This software is specially used by those clients who want to get the service of a trader on their trading account due to the limited liquidity. It is software specially designed integrated with the tools that can be used to quickly execute block orders with one click under the arrangement of the master account. The specially integrated tools of the forex mam account software helps to handle multiple accounts from a single account efficiently and effectively.

How MAM Works?

MAM is a simple way of handling multiple accounts. The multiple accounts are easy to handle because the data is accumulated automatically so that the fund manager can trade efficiently with the clients in a transparent manner. Moreover, MT4 client terminal application can control and manage all the managed accounts effectively. Also, MAM solution is specially designed software which offers reliability and quality of the speed to the maximum level. In brief, MAM is integrated into the MT4 Server. Trade through this software can be done fast and it is reliable because all the orders are processed is from MT5 Server. Furthermore, infinite numbers of accounts can be managed and traded with just one click without any delay in the allocation process.

Multi Account Manager (MAM)

In MAM accounts Profits Management?

In MAM accounts gains from closed orders are automatically allocated to the original account owners.

 In MAM accounts Losses Management?

In MAM accounts losses from closed orders are determined as per the funds that were utilized while the trading. This helps in managing all the funds properly and nevermore risks than the amount he previously agreed on with his Investors.

Features and Benefits of MAM

  • It can manage Easily Monthly, Quarterly and Annual client reports with the help of MT4 Manager.
  • Trade block orders can be managed from master mt4 mam accounts.
  • It is perfect for Expert Advisor (EA) for dealing with multiple accounts.
  • It can handle multiple accounts.
  • Allocation is done at the same risk.
  • It allows all common order types such as Market, Close, and Limit.
  • It allows all different order types such as Trailing Stop, Close, and Close.
  • It offers faster speed of execution.
  • It is reliable to use.
  • It offers equity percent allocation
  • It allows professional Money Managers to trade on behalf of their clients.
Quick steps to start with the MAM
  1. Register real accounts with trading point: They can trade on behalf of their clients once all accounts are registered.
  2. Signing the power of attorney: The second step to start trading is to sign a power of attorney. Once they have received their account access details then all Sub accounts need to sign a power of Attorney.
  3. Funding the accounts: The third step in trading is that all sub-accounts need to fund their trading accounts.
  4. Email sent from the master account: The fourth step is that the Master account holder needs to offer a written email with all login numbers of his clients requesting the MAM and after the completion of all these points they can start trading.
  5. You can now start trading: After that, the client’s login numbers are matched to their power of attorney after they have been matched then all the sub-accounts will be set to the Master Account.
Choosing a great broker is needed or not?

The entire success of your company depends upon the broker you choose for trading. It is important to choose a Forex MAM broker who is a strong foundation because the success of your company as a single label depends completely on the broker. Moreover, if the broker is not a strong foundation your company will break so it is vital to choose an adequate one. For your company prospect, it is essential to select a good broker who can handle multiple accounts very efficiently and effectively.

Conclusion: Forex brokers offer a trading platform and other brokerage services for traders to handle multiple accounts. Moreover, a forex broker is self-employed, but he has to follow the guidelines that have been set for the forex industry. Moreover, he is a retail and currency trading forex mt4 mam broker that manage and assist the investors on the basis of current situations in the forex market including conversion rates. Forex broker has full control over the trading and it also offers their clients with the electronic platform and computer applications so that they can trade effectively. They can very easily and quickly make updates and changes to the trading platform and also offers a reliable and transparent platform for the quick execution.